Rapid Tools is the most robust configuration management toolset for E-Business Suite – bringing reduced timing, costs, and risk to implementation, upgrades, enhancements, support, and compliance and audit capabilities.

Major Components:


REVERSE is a very powerful tool that allows the extraction of configurations and selected MASTER data from any Oracle 11i or Release 12 instance. This information is then placed into the Knowledge Base.

This is an ideal tool for moving configurations around from instance to instance as it is virtually automatic. Further that if you keep the configurations in the Knoweldge Base up to date as your master then moving configurations into any instance is quick, reliable and a full list of current configurations can be produced on demand within seconds.

Once these configurations have been placed into the knowledge base it is then possible to:

  • Inject them into another instance
  • Convert them from 11i to R12
  • Make a standard template for your business that allows new operating units to be prepared in minutes
  • Merge them with other configurations and thus enhancing the functionality of your REVERSE’d configurations
  • Merge multiple instances into a single instance by quickly and easily resolving the instance differences and isolating configurations that relate to the business group/operating unit.


Oracle partners and customers implementing e-Business Suite need a tool that will facilitate that implementation by providing a mechanism to ensure the consistency and reproducibility of your team. SWIFT Configurator is that tool!

Using SWIFT Configurator you will have one of the following needs :

  • Create a new Release 12 instance using Best Practice configurations
    • Incorporating your own Organization Chart, Value sets, Segment Structure, Chart of Accounts, Calendar along with your naming conventions for many other configurations
  • Create a new Release 12 instance using your own configurations
  • Add new operating units to an existing Release 12 instance
  • Add new oracle modules to an existing Release 12 instance
  • A very complex set of requirements for your implementation
  • A combination of the above

Create a new Release 12 instance using Best Practice configurations

An easy to use online HTML wizard provides defaults and guides you through :

  • Enabling what currencies you require
  • Enter the details of your organization chart [Business group, Legal Entity, Operating Unit, Primary Ledger Name plus many more]
  • Accounting calendar generation – for as many years as you like
  • Loading your own value sets
  • Account Aliases
  • Mandatory account codes required to be able to complete the configuration
  • A template enables you to set your own values for :
    • Workday calendars
    • Responsibilities and Responsibility keys
    • VAT’s and Withholding taxes
    • AR Transaction types
    • OM Transaction types
    • Price Lists
    • Sub inventory names
    • Document sequences
    • This is just a sample list – and it is user extendable to cover any configuration

Once you have completed the wizard a package will be immediately prepared that you can use to run against your oracle instance. The entire process can be completed in just a few hours and you are ready to use the resulting instance.

Create a new Release 12 instance using your own configurations

If you have an existing Oracle instance then the investment in the configurations in that instance is considerable. Producing a document with an up-to-date listing of those configurations is usually difficult. The full power of CONFIGURATOR is available even using your own configurations. To work with your configurations it is necessary to extract them and load them into CONFIGURATOR’s KnowledgeBase.


Create you Oracle e-Business Application with configurations and patches in just a few hours via Automation – a ready to use PRODuction instance made to order.

SWIFTBuild is the tool that executes the packages produced by CONFIGURATOR. The packages enable you to :

  • Create a new instance
  • Add a new business unit [operating unit etc.]
  • Apply changes to an instance
  • Apply patches
  • Perform admin tasks – such as compiling flexfields, forms, db objects etc

BUILD is a common easy to use interface whereby all interaction to the Oracle instance is performed through this tool. This simplifies the variety of tasks that are needed down to one common interface and the package takes care of what is needed to be done and automates all the various steps.

Functional applications consulting tasks, operating system tasks, adadmin tasks, adpatch tasks are all performed in this manner.

What does it do?

A user-friendly graphical wizard guides the user through the process of:

  • Ensuring the job stream [called a Builder Wizard Package BWP] is valid,
  • Ensuring the prerequisites: FTP connection, Target folder, etc. are set.
    • Where FTP and Telnet are a concern then SSH is also supported
  • Running all the injectors, building or patching the instance and logging the results.

How do I know the build has been successful?

The log console provides all the information necessary to review and track if the build was successful and point to the incorrect injector in case of failure.

Log files that are produced by the process on the server can be extracted and viewed from the local PC. These log files show record by record details of each record injected into the instance


  • Supports multiple injector types including:
    • Oracle forms playback files
    • Telnet Session Query / Response Queues
    • UNIX Shell Scripts
    • HTML screens
    • Rice Object deployment
  • Display building hints and reminders (e.g., to prompt for any specific checking process that may need to be done) between any step in the build process.
  • Capable of performing all ADADMIN and ADPATCH processing to an Oracle instance.
  • Inject configurations to Oracle e-Business Suite through forms and HTML.
  • Intelligent injector deployment performs FTP or SSH to target server if necessary to execute injector in appropriate environment.
  • Detects errors during injection processes and automatically stops the build.
  • Use the BWP to configure the HTML and forms playback engine.
  • Log files capture and report complete results of any build process.
  • Ability to apply to multiple target servers.
  • BWP files are encrypted to keep confidential your proprietary setup information.
  • No files are left on the machine running SWIFT Builder.


  • Easy, fully defined and documented instance building.
  • Driven by a user-friendly wizard which can be used by non-technical power users.
  • Designed for use with any Oracle E-Business Suite implementation.
  • Inexpensive and error resistant.


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