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Rapid Tools provide standard global templates. Customers can either employ the traditional method of having a consulting team spend a few weeks putting together an instance or they can use the tools out of the box to create a RELEASE 12 instance with their chart of accounts and an Oracle organization structure that models their business, in 2 weeks or less.

Traditionally, each company has employed its own consulting team to set up their Oracle instance. Each company is convinced that they are different and employ different business processes and therefore, the configurations are going to be totally different.

We have however investigated and analyzed a number of MNC companies and the result is that the similarity in configurations is as high as 90%!

This analysis now covers several multi-billion dollar MNC’s with several thousand business entities. Many of these businesses have customizations also. In some cases the customizations need to remain, due to the specific nature of the business and others are simply replaced by the more flexible RELEASE 12.

At the end of the day – the company needs to produce a standard set of configurations that will meet the basic business needs of every company in the group. There MUST then be the ability to provide personalization and flexibility for each company. These personalization need to be reviewed by a corporate level steering committee as changes should not be made for the sake of change but must be justified in terms of the business.

The advantages of Standardization:

•Common Configurations across each Operating Unit

•Ease of maintenance

•Ease of introducing new staff to the environment

•Speed of deployment of new Operating Units

•Base standard processes

•Easy to identify configuration changes that vary from the standards

•Research for R12 can be shared across all companies

•Ready access to documentation

•All instances have a common look and feel – reducing maintenance costs

Quite simply – standardization reduces, COST, RISK and TIMELINES
Personalization provides the flexibility to allow each company their necessary justified business needs without jeopardizing the standard model.

We have proven time and again that standardization with some flexibility can meet the needs of all. What our tools bring is the intellectual capital and the process to make this happen smoothly and effectively.


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