Common Issue: Fortune 100 Global Manufacturing Corporation using Oracle EBS.

  • Problem Statement:
    • Current manual, labor intensive process of system configuration management requires an ever expanding resource pool to keep up with the pace and volume of deployments
  • Solution:
    • Standardize and optimize processes globally reducing the error rate and manual migrations
    • Reduce time commitment of IT per implementation by deploying a repeatable model
    • Increase productivity and execute more projects with same resources

If you would like to have a set of tools to address this – through the use of intelligent automation; Or How About This: Do Some or All of these Ring All Too True?

  • Rollout times are taking too long
  • Application configuration times too long
  • Adding new modules – it’s too time consuming
  • Country localizations create configuration and patching issues
  • Each Oracle instance is at different release/patch/configuration levels
  • Complicates maintenance and upgrades
  • Gaps in Process Can Allow Changes To Go In Without Approval
  • No Easy Way To Monitor What’s Been Changed
  • No Standardization Between OUs
  • Ability for too many folks to be able to Make Changes – (Access Control)
  • Governance left out of Some Processes

Rapid e-Suite Tools enable rapid creation of Oracle EBS instances, Operating Units, Roll outs, Maintenance of instances, Upgrades, Data migration, Testing and Compliance. The tools are built around a fundamental principle that Standardization across Business processes is key to Organizational efficiency and excellence. These integrated Tools are built using standard technology (Java, SQL, and HTML) and consist of both Web based and Desktop components If you would like to have a set of tools to address this – through the use of intelligent automation.


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