Welcome To SFS International

SFS International is a solutions provider, specializing in Oracle e-Business Suite (EBS) automation solutions – featuring Rapid Tools, a world class configuration management tool.

SFS is committed to our client’s success through the delivery of high quality services and “intelligent” automation products.   SFS provides the tools and services to simplify Oracle E-Business Suite implementations through standardized configurations, including deployment of new modules and operating units.  These solutions include the ability to:

  • Be able to either take the customer’s model configurations or make a set of model configurations from a customer instance.
  • Inject those model configurations and setup a new operating unit in a brand new empty instance – including Instance level configurations.
  • Take an operating unit from one instance and move it to another existing instance.
  • Take the model operating unit, transform the configurations into another operating unit and inject them into an existing Oracle instance.
  • Move some configurations from one instance to another – for example: from DEV to CRP.
  • Compare configurations between two or more instances.
  • Take those differences in configurations and move them to another instance – differences being color coded for ease of identification.
  • Produce a BR100 configuration listing real time – with actionable capabilities from there.  Configuration management tools.

The focus with our clients is simple – Significant savings in Time, Effort, and of course- Money! We do so by providing intelligent automation tools that enable consistency, stability, and audit compliance – we help you to achieve your goals!

Our other service offerings encompass project management, business process, governance, and risk and compliance…

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